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VCA TALEN offers its services to companies and organizations which want to secure safety for themselves and  their employees. We are organizing courses and training sessions in the scope of work safety in different languages: Dutch, English, German, Polish, Slovak, Czech and Greek. We adopt a professional approach to our clients and course participants. We have an individual way of teaching each course participant, paying attention to the learning style. Our team is made up of qualified specialists in safety issues and human behaviour who have knowledge and experience both in social and psychological aspects and in issues of organisation’s functioning.

‘Work safely! There are no language barriers if we talk about safety!’

Furthermore, functioning in an international organisation, the way of management, mutual communication are also important elements in order to guarantee safety in a workplace. VCA TALEN includes these topics in its training by organising courses to order. We accept inquiries for different types of training aimed at improving the functioning of a man at work. We support and help both organisations, and their employees, to achieve the best results by stressing the aspect of human functioning in different structures of the organisation.

Upcoming courses

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VCA Veiligheid
VCA Basic 29.10.16- polish
08:00 - 16:00
Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk

Open VCA exams in computer form-02.11.16- Rijswijk
19:00 - 20:00
Veraartlaan 8, 2288 GM, Rijswijk

Open VCA exams in computer form:
1. Examination VCA Basic- 60 minutes, 40 closed exam questions
The result immediately after the exam
(Min. 28...


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