Changes in the VCA system starting September 1, 2017

Starting September we can expect major changes in the current VCA system. In this article you will read more about the new VCA exam.

New types of exam questions

The current VCA exam consists  single choice questions (= only one correct answer). The questionnaire for the new exams consists of the current type of questions, also from:
– Matrix questions
– Multiple choice questions
– Matching questions (subordination, classification)
An example of mockexam you can find in the link below New Test Exam. This exam is available in Dutch, English, German and French. VCA Infra will certainly also make exams available in other standard languages .

Changes in the rating system

The form of the exam will change, so the rating system will also be adjusted. From September 1, the following applies:
– A candidate who goes for an BVCA exam will have to answer at least 26 of the 40 questions in a 60-minute period (currently is 28 out of 40).
– A candidate for a VOL VCA and / or VIL VCU exam must answer at least 45 out of 70 questions in a 75-minute period (currently is 49 out of 70).

What’s more going to change?

From September all examinations will be taken by computer.  For candidates with reading problems exams are available in all standard languages ​​except Lithuanian and Bulgarian. Languages Russian, Bulgarian and Croatian are added as a standard. This is really good news, because the exam and the waiting time will be considerably shorter.

Pay attention!

In the first weekend of September, no VCA exams. Due to the updates and implementation of all changes the exam system, it is not possible to organize a VCA exam in the first weekend of September (01/09 – 03/09).

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