Checklist of VCA exam words in 18 languages!

When preparing for the VCA exam, it is worth getting acquainted with the exam terminology. VCA Infra has made available on its website a list of words that appear on VCA exams.

The translation was made in 18 different languages ​​(including Polish).

Translation of important terms and words in Dutch

In addition to the VCA list of words in the appropriate language, the letters also include Dutch translation and help candidates who do not speak Dutch to learn these terms.
See a checklist of important VCA exam dates and words.


Choose the right type of diploma

Please remember to choose the type of diploma we need before you take the exam.
The Basic VCA Diploma is suitable for people who perform practical work duties at the workplace. The VOL VCA diploma is intended for operational managers and people running a business. The VIL VCU diploma is dedicated to intercessors of recruitment agencies.

More information about VCA types.