Labor law and employer’s obligations

The Dutch Law on Working Conditions (VGM Act) imposes many obligations on employers. The main purpose of Arbo-wet is to protect employees while working. Its assumption is also to ensure the best possible working conditions and their continuous progress.

Employers are also subject to other provisions, such as:

– Working time law (working and leisure time)

– Production regulations (safe products and machines)

– Construction code (safe buildings)

-VCA: safety, health and environmental protection rules for contractors

It should be remembered that it is the employer who is the first responsible person in the work process, which is why cooperation with specialists in the field of occupational health and safety (medeveder preventer) is so important. Thanks to their consultancy and ongoing control of working conditions, employers are able to identify problems and eliminate them on an ongoing basis.


Mandatory Work Conferences

The introduction of health and safety rules requires constant monitoring. Work environment or the necessity to use new machines or working methods are changing frequently. Therefore, the working point is an obligatory point for work at increased risk. To ensure a safe working environment, cooperation between the employer and employees is important. To this end, so-called Meetings VGM or “Toolboxmeeting”. During the meeting, the employer and his employees discuss working methods, safety rules, the current stage of work and other elements of cooperation.

Fight against threats

Caring for the highest level of safety, the employer must take steps to fight the dangers. The Dutch Labor Law regulations accurately indicate how an employer should prepare to deal with the greatest workplace hazards.

The diagram with an example is below:

Fighting dangers at the source.


This term means the complete removal of the threat.

For example, when working with a noiseing machine, it is first necessary to ensure that the machine is silenced

Reducing the threat

Noise reduction by using measures such as: the use of soundproof screens

Organizational method

Setting the machine in a different place, but also warning signs and appropriate protection

Personal protective equipment

The last step is the use of personal protection measures (used only when the three methods of combating threats are not possible).

Remember that the Employer is subject to controls by external institutions. Labor Inspection is an independent body controlling employers in terms of compliance with the provisions of the Dutch Work Environment Act. Dutch Employers are therefore obliged to respect and progress the working conditions they create.