“Sterk op het Werk”, a safe working environment.

Sterk op het Werk” is a one-day event devoted to the subject of stress at work. This year it will be held on June 20 in Utrecht. The organizers stress that over 1.2 million employees of the Netherlands are dealing with undesirable behavior at work. Examples include discrimination, intimidation and (sexual) harassment. In combination with the employee’s duties, these situations translate into stress at work. This consequently leads to a number of psychological problems that may result in loosing of an employee.

Discussed topics

The premise of the event is to provide practical knowledge about the mental safety of employees. The following topics are assumed to be the crucial to understand:

  • What can you learn from (non) verbal communication between team members?
  • How can you increase the effectiveness of your team by facilitating a sense of security, trust and connectivity?
  • How to create trust in the workplace?

Program of the day

The event is scheduled from 9:15 to 17:00. The entire programme will be held in Dutch. At the end of the event a networking meeting is planned.

The event plan assumes 3 thematic lectures before lunch:

  • “Psychological security makes the teams bloom”
  • “Crazy about stress – but not always”
  • “From unwanted to desirable behavior in the workplace”

In the following part participants are given 2 sessions to choose from:

  • In the first session the following topics will be discussed:
    • Why are the safety results so high during research on team performance
    • Practically useful insights from the safety neurobiology
    • The rules applied by high-performance teams, including Google and Netflix
    • 5 strategies to change the work pressure into pleasure at work
    • “The shortest detour” for a balanced approach to work pressure in teams
    • See your first step
  • In the second session participants will gain knowledge during discussions on following topics:
    • Practical ways to help employees cope with stress, failure and challenge in a more productive way.
    • A proactive approach by strengthening employees.
    • Paying attention to your own limitations.
    • Inspection of SZW and undesirable behavior in practice.

The organizer of the event is Arbo Online van B + B Vakmedianet B.V. Admission to the event is paid. You can register on the event page.