VCA mockexams

From September 2017, candidates who wish to take the VCA exam can be faced with changes. In previous articles we have already discussed the most important changes. What is most striking is the fact that there are different exam questions. Obviously, the questions look different, but more attention is also needed to successfully complete the exam.

Purpose of the changes introduced by VCA-Infra

Let’s assume that the VCA exam (Basic, VOL or VIL) is still a theoretical exam. The questions we could come across in the old format were dated. The formulations and approach of the exam, which initially only took place in writing, did not fit well with the developments in the industry and the construction sector. The purpose of the VCA exam is to test the knowledge of the participant in the field of Dutch employment law. A conscious employee means better safety in the workplace. This is even more important when you work with an increased risk.

What do the changes mean for your preparation for the VCA exam?

The goal of the VCA training is mainly to increase the awareness of employees about health and safety in the workplace. Although VCA training remains a general training, the aspects discussed in the training often relate to practical situations at work. We will encourage the participants to know how they can apply their knowledge in practice during their work in the Netherlands. Study materials and books in preparation for the exam have not changed. During our training courses, however, we focus more on the occurrence of possible events in the workplace, which help to respond and make the right decisions.

VCA mockexams

Our specialists are working on the implementation of new methods that will modernize our training. At the moment we offer the VCA training in 18 different languages. The method of our course is fully adapted to modern requirements and standards. We have created a database of test questions that the participants can use during the course. The participants carry out all tasks during the training themselves on the computer, which stimulates the operation and offers the possibility to learn quickly.
On our website you will find 10 free exam questions in different languages. Has your interest been raised? click here